Lose Weight Fast When You Eat Out

Many people eat as many as 1/3 of their meals outside their home. Fast food restaurants have become a way of life. Eating out at a restaurant is no longer just for special occasions. What does this mean if you’re on a weight loss program? You need some lose weight fast tips in your weight loss arsenal.

Only Eat Half

When you eat out, eat half of what’s on your plate: half of the appetizer, half of the salad, half of the entrée, half of desert. Odds are you’ll be just as satisfied and you’ll have cut the calories, fat and sodium in half. If you eat out once a day like most people do, you can drop a couple of pounds a week with just this one change.

If you hate to waste food, share your lunch with a friend. Or order the children’s portion. Some restaurants will allow you to order the lunch size portion for dinner. Many restaurants don’t charge to split an entree on two plates. If that still makes you feel awkward, order a house salad, and an appetizer to be served as your main course.

Get rid of bread and butter

Have the bread and butter removed from the table immediately so you won’t be tempted. It is easy to stuff a yummy roll in your tummy while you’re waiting for your meal. Sometimes the bread basket has been emptied before you’re even aware of it. Send back the chips and salsa in Mexican restaurants. If a complimentary antipasto is served in an Italian restaurant pick out the low calorie low fat items.

Grilled instead of Fried.

When in a restaurant order broiled, grilled, baked or roasted instead of fried or sautéed. Have chicken, seafood or fish, instead of beef or pork. Order something you really like but that’s too time consuming, complicated or expensive to make at home as your main dish. Stay away from pasta dishes with the creamy sauces. They’re loaded with calories, carbs, and fat .

Sauces on the side

Have sauces and salad dressings served on the side rather than on the food. Dip your fork tines in the sauce or dressing and then spear your food. The taste of the sauce will still be there but you won’t consume as many calories.

Butter isn’t better

In fine dining establishments the entrée and even sometimes the vegetables are given a slathering of butter sauce to enhance the flavor (who doesn’t like butter) and the appearance of the food. This can add up to 200 calories and a lot of extra fat. Ask the waiter to tell the chef not to add butter.

Follow these tips and you can lose weight fast.

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