Lose Weight With A Wine Diet – No Way!

There’s nothing like the taste of a good wine… unless you’re on a diet that is. How many diets have you been on that allow you to enjoy that very same taste on a regular basis? Could you lose weight with a wine diet?

I’m guessing the answer is ‘not many’ or more probably, ‘none at all’. But in reality there is no such thing as a banned item of food or drink on a diet. Sure, some diets might restrict you in certain ways and many of them say you can’t drink while you are dieting. Have you ever heard people referring to alcohol and wine as having ’empty calories’? Sure you have – we all have. The idea is that you’re drinking something with calories in it, when you could be enjoying some food with the same number of calories instead.

So what’s this idea about a wine diet then? Well the idea is that wine is just a small part of the diet of course! You shouldn’t focus on this and nothing else. But in truth wine actually isn’t quite as laden with calories as some people would have you think.

Sure, some people can take it or leave it and in this case they might find it worthwhile to stop drinking wine while they are trying to lose weight. But in reality wine can be beneficial when you drink it in moderation – especially if you’re drinking red wine. This type of wine is known for having antioxidants in it, so you’ll certainly benefit from those. They help us fight disease in many ways and as such we stand a chance of a healthier life if we drink a small amount of red wine on a regular basis.

Don’t like red wine? No worries – white wine has these antioxidants as well, albeit in smaller amounts. So perhaps you can lose weight with a wine diet after all?

Is it a case of everything in moderation?

Yes it can be – obviously if you drink a lot of wine on a daily basis it isn’t good for your health. But if you were to have a glass of wine every day you would benefit from the associated health benefits of it, without having too many so called ’empty calories’.

Let’s think about these empty calories in another way. You might be surprised to learn that the average glass of dry red wine has just over eighty calories (that’s for about 115ml). Obviously if you have sweet wine there’s going to be more calories in it. Dry white wine has even fewer calories, with around seventy seven calories in the same volume of wine.

So you see it is definitely the case that a small amount of wine every day – say one small glass – won’t put a dent in your diet if you don’t overindulge elsewhere. In fact being able to enjoy your wine instead of depriving yourself of it and making yourself feel miserable could actually be the best thing you could possibly do.

So… fancy a glass of wine tonight with that low calorie dinner? Go for it – you can if you lose weight with a wine diet.

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