Detox Diets – Why You Need to Do One If You Want to Lose Weight Fast

Everyone seemingly endorses detox diets these days. From celebrities on TV to your next-door neighbor. But do you really understand why it can help you lose weight, feel more energetic, and help you clear up unexplainable symptoms like headaches, or bad skin?

Think of it this way. More than ever we are conscious of pollution’s effects on the environment around us. We consider how carbon and gas efficient our next car will be; we conserve water, recycle our goods, and reuse plastic bags, all in an effort to keep pollution at a minimum. Yet rarely do we think of how environmental toxins can affect our bodies.

We can pick up toxins just about anywhere. In processed foods they’re known as chemical additives – chemicals used to preserve, add color and flavor, which are very hard for the body to process. Toxins can be found in our water, in the air we breathe (particularly if you sit in traffic everyday, or spend time in large cities), and even in our household cleaners and plastics. Because these toxins are so hard on the body, whenever we lack the proper nutrients for processing them, our body stores them in our fat cells. There they stay until the body is equipped enough to set them loose and expel them.

This is essentially what a detox diet does: it gives our bodies the time and nutrition it needs in order to cleanse our system of these harsh impurities. If the detox diet you’re thinking of going on doesn’t have a supplement (or even if it does), strongly consider picking up an anti-oxidant supplement to use while on the diet. The anti-oxidants will give your body an extra layer of protection as it deals with these harmful impurities.

A detox diet should only be done once or twice a year, and if you have any questions about whether or not it’s appropriate for you then be sure to consult your doctor. Using a detox diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle can help you keep weight down and odd symptoms at bay.

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