An Easy Way To Start Losing Your Weight In Just A Few Weeks! A 5-Point Program!

You know that you are over-weight when your waist size is 90 cms/36 inches or more, unless you are a woman and you are pregnant.

If you are over-weight, you might have already developed debilitating and expensive-to-treat diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney trouble etc. or you are inviting them to your body on daily basis.

You are aware of your over-weight status and you also know that you want to do something about the same immediately as it is going to affect your quality of life and your earnings in the coming years.

However, you find that all the recommendations & prescriptions that you receive from your doctor and dietitian are not easy to follow.

This is when you look for easy-to-follow recommendations. This article provides you with some easy-to-follow guidelines.

Let us first understand, how does one become over-weight?

It is simple. Your belly is like a bank account.

If you keep on depositing more money on daily basis than what you withdraw on daily basis, you are going to have a fat bank account soon. If you continue doing that for weeks and months together, then you are going to have a very fat bank account in due course.

Your belly is exactly like your bank account.

You deposit fats in your belly on daily basis when you eat more fats & carbohydrates than what you use/withdraw on daily basis while doing physical activity.

So, in short, when you eat/drink more fats/carbohydrates on daily basis than what you use/withdraw on daily basis, you start developing a big belly and start putting on weight.

If you are overweight, it is very clear that you are eating more fats & carbohydrates on daily basis than what your body requires.

Are you serious about losing your weight?


If you are serious about losing weight, then let us come directly to the 5-POINT WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM without getting into complicated diets & exercises.

1. Have a HEAVY break-fast
2. Make your lunch MODERATE, if you are used to a heavy lunch
3. Make your dinner LIGHT. (Reduce all the current intake quantities by HALF, if you are serious about losing your weight.) – Eliminate potatoes, rice and high carbohydrate / fatty food from your dinner.
4. Do not eat in-between meals. Drink water if you feel hungry.
5. Walk for about 40 minutes at a stretch per day, for 5 days a week. (Try to walk as fast as you can, as long as you are comfortable at that speed.)

QUANTIFY YOUR INTAKE AND EAT CALCULATED QUANTITY IN EACH MEAL AND STICK TO THE QUANTITY. Do not eat something more than the daily intake quantity just because something tastes good or just because you are in a party mood. If you happen to eat more for a meal, then skip the next meal(s) or eat less to that extent in the next meal(s). Immediate corrective action is very important.

Eliminate (from your breakfast, lunch, dinner & in-betweens) or reduce intake quantity to very small amounts of the following, as these result in adding fats to your body:

1. French fries, potato chips, other fried food stuff
2. Butter & other high-fat food stuff
3. Cold drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc
4. Ice-creams, desserts and other sweet food items
5. Beer

In general, to remain healthy, eat and do everything in moderation. Any overeating or overdoing will result in some disease sooner or later.

Please note that you can reduce your weight only if you are serious about it. Nobody else can do anything to reduce your weight. Only, you can help yourself!!!

Keep record of your weight on weekly basis and enjoy the experience of losing almost one kilo / two pounds every 3-4 weeks. You and your partner will also start enjoying your more youthful look as you start steadily losing your weight in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from any ailments, please consult your physician before following these guidelines.

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