Lose Weight the EASY Way Without Dieting

Bin the Scales and Tape Measures.

Whenever we decide we must lose weight, the first thing we do is to look for tools to help us. What do I mean by tools? Well these can be new diet plans; slimming clubs; diets pills; in fact anything we perceive to have value in our fight against flab.

Now we may or may not have had a positive experience with these tools; everyone is different, but there are some things that are NOT very helpful.

Right from the start lets decide which weight loss tools are going to help us on our journey and which are going to be a hindrance.

Now, I firmly believe that scales and tape measures fall into the second category.


Well, because most of the time, they make us feel depressed and often ruin our chances of success.

Imagine this scenario.

You wake up in the morning after a successful few days following your new healthy regime, and you’re feeling really great about yourself.

You jump out of bed remembering that the lid is still firmly on the biscuit box and that you haven’t missed the contents at all. Consequently you feel happy, lighter, brighter, and yes, self empowered.

But instead of holding onto that feeling and moving forward through the day with confidence; you decide to jump on the scales or grab the tape measure for confirmation, reassurance and a ‘pat on the back’.

But oh dear, what a mistake!

The scales show you that you haven’t lost an ounce, maybe even put a little on.

All that inner glow of success and self confidence evaporates in an instant. You’re immediately depressed and probably look to the biscuit box for comfort. The whole effort seems to have been a total waste of time.

But in reality, that’s not the case at all.

Just making the effort to improve yourself HAS empowered you, and you know, deep down, that you DESERVE success and you WILL achieve it.

That’s a feeling well worth hanging on to and nurturing.

So my advice to you is to bin the scales and tape measure, or hide them in your deepest, darkest cupboard like I did. Just rely on your instinct, those inner feeling that tell you that your journey is going well and you’re relishing the fruits of your efforts.

Trust your instincts, your feelings and the fit of the clothes you normally wear. They’ll all tell you that the new you is emerging – that you’re on your way.

Here’s to your continued success.
Keep smiling.

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