How to Lose Weight in a Week – 3 Effective Tips on How to Lose Weight in a Week!

Don’t you hate when some upcoming occasion is a month or so away and before you know it, that month turned into one week? Well, Don’t panic just yet!

I am about to give you a few good tips to lose weight in a week that can be very effective and might even result in a 5-10 pound loss. Now, let’s get too it…

TIP #1 On How To Lose Weight In a Week:

First Off, you need to cut ALL sweets and drinks that contain sugar. Because sugars = carbs, which too much of it is BAD.

After that, Start Drinking 6-8 Classes of water a day to flush out your system of toxins.

TIP #2 On How to Lose Weight In a Week:

Cut down on sodium (salt), the average person consumes over 3,000 Milligrams of sodium a day when the recommended amount is 2,300 Milligrams. Unfortunately sodium is in almost every type of food though because it’s natural. However, look for low sodium or salt foods.

What This will Do, Your body needs sodium to retain water, so in order to lose water weight you need to cut down to at least 1,000 Milligrams of sodium a day to lose weight in a week.

TIP #3 – Eating More To Lose Weight

MANY MANY people have it in there heads that eating very less will lose them weight…Well they are wrong! By doing this, your body goes into starvation mode resulting in your metabolism to slow down tremendously therefor converting everything you do eat into fat.

Now, what you need to do is eat 5-6 meals a day (300-400 calorie meals) this will result in your metabolism to sky rocket and burn more calories per hour, which in return burns fat.

These Tips Can Be Very Effective If Applied Correctly, There is much more detail to go with these fat loss tips though. But, I hope you can benefit the information given.

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