Diet For Breastfeeding Woman


If pregnancy is demanding in term of dietary requirements, so breastfeeding is. The mother is the only source of nutrition for her baby, therefore a right diet is one of the most important things she need to consider.


Breastfeeding Essentials

Before we go to the best breastfeeding diet there is, we must first state the following there vital elements that will make sure that breastfeeding is indeed beneficial for a woman and for her baby:

a)  A woman must make sure that she has enough energy to keep up with the demands of her baby. Essentially, breastfeeding involves a process wherein the baby takes its nutrition from its mother. As a result, if a woman does not have enough energy, she may easily give in to the task of breastfeeding. To make sure that a woman has enough energy, it is nest to eat a lot of carbohydrates. However, one must avoid or take as little sweets as possible. This is because this will only elevate the blood sugar level of both mother and fetus.

b)  To make sure that the baby will get the right kind and amount of nutrition, a mother must make sure to give these first to herself so she can pass them on to her baby.

c)  One must avoid gaining too much weight. This is not only intended to avoid falling into any of the problems that obesity brings but also to make sure that a woman will remain healthy once she decides to stop breastfeeding.

Proper Breastfeeding Diet

Every woman is eager to give her breastfed baby nothing but the best food there is. The following are just of the things that must be included in a breastfeeding mom.

a)  One must make sure to drink plenty of fluids especially water. However, one must avoid taking carbonated drinks and especially alcoholic beverages. Drinking plenty of fluids will ensure that a woman will not become dehydrated while breastfeeding. If one cannot stomach drinking too much water, one may supplement it by taking in a lot of soup. Boiling a few pieces of the leaf of leguminous plants is a good source of liquids.

b)  One must make sure to provide her body with enough calcium to keep her immune system strong and to provide a very essential nutrient to her baby. As such, cheese, milk, soy, spinach, and asparagus are the other great sources of calcium.

One must also eat a lot of foods rich in carbohydrates. This is important not only to provide the body with a good source of energy but it will also allow a mother to make sure that she has enough intake of foods that will give her enough energy to sustain the demands of breastfeeding.


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