Losing Weight And Diet Soda – Will Diet Soda Help You Lose Weight Faster?

Losing Weight And Diet Soda

Many dieters drink diet beverages: Lemonade Light, Diet Cola, Cola Zero and so on forever – that’s why it’s called DIET soda, right? Is it healthy for you? And is it helping you lose weight? Losing Weight And Diet Soda

First, ask yourself – am I drinking diet soda regularly? Second – Am I losing weight?

The answer is likely no. Almost all diet drinks contain Nutrasweet, also called Aspartame or they have Splenda. Both of these artificial sweeteners are questionable both when it comes to losing weight and being healthy. Although these artificial sugar substitutes are both FDA approved, independent studies show that the results of ingesting them (drinking them or eating them) over long periods of time can have adverse effects. There are many resources for finding these studies in a basic Internet search.

Headaches, fatigue, blindness, low immunity, and cancers are just a few of the common diagnoses that have been associated with the cumulative intake of Aspartame. You should research this “guilt-free” substance for yourself to determine if it’s something you want to take.

Many people think that they are simply eating or drinking nutrasweet-laden foods for a short period of time during their dieting period. This may be true and if so, the adverse effects wouldn’t be SO negative and may seem worth it if it really helped you lose weight.

The question then is – does Diet Soda (or any drink with Aspartame or Splenda) help you lose weight? Although the research is divided, many independent studies, those NOT funded by the same people who make and sell the diet drinks and products show that it in fact does not make you lose weight. In fact, diet sodas and other foods and beverages with Splenda or Aspartame may actually cause you to gain weight. Losing Weight And Diet Soda

The reasons cited for this are the following:

Because the artificial sugars are a chemical compound different from sugar, your brain doesn’t recognize them as sugar. You may taste the sweetness but your brain doesn’t know that your sweet craving has been satisfied and you may crave more or eat more to compensate for this dissatisfaction.

Also, a recent study of laboratory rats showed that the rats became addicted to aspartame like it was a drug. For example, they were drinking a solution with aspartame. Even if they were technically full, they kept eating/drinking this solution as their brains were not telling them to stop but instead were telling them they wanted more.

Does this sound familiar?

The combination of those facts and the fact that soda has no nutritional value whatsoever should be enough to make you rethink your next diet soda.

The best thing to drink when you are trying to lose weight of course is water – but there are a few beverages on the market that are sweetened with safe and natural sweeteners – seek out those. Losing Weight And Diet Soda

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