Fasting For Weight Loss – Can Fasting Help in Losing Weight?

Obesity and overweight seem to be one of the most serious problems that are causing deaths of millions of people every year.

A person who is obese is not able to work efficiently.The bodily processes are also not carried properly and hence the person gets subjected to many other diseases as well. With increasing weight, the immune system of the person starts to weaken and he is not able to fight the germs and bacteria attacking them.

So, a person who is obese is not just subjected to humiliation among his friends and acquaintances, but he also becomes a victim of several deadly diseases. Therefore, if you are overweight you must get serious about it and think of a way of losing the extra weight and fat deposited on your body.

In this article you will learn if fasting for weight loss is healthy for your body or not?

When most people get tired of their increasing weight, they start to diet. Most of them completely quit eating and choose fasting for weight loss. It has been seen that fasting for weight loss produces tremendous results. People are able to lose weight at a very fast rate.

So, How does fasting for weight loss work?

Our body needs energy to perform everyday work. The energy is provided to our body from the food that we eat every day. But if you do not feed anything to your body then its start to use the already stored fats and calories to provide you with the energy you need.

The fat in your body is broken down and hence you see reduction in your weight. But you will see when you choose fasting for weight loss there will be no noticeable reduction in your weight after few days.

The reason behind that is your metabolism.

Our body starts to burn calories when we perform some strenuous exercise and if we feed our body with high fiber and natural foods then the metabolism of our body is increased.

When you go for fasting for weight loss, your metabolic activity is also reduced.

The body firstly does not understand the process and breaks the fat down to give you the energy, but as soon as the body understands that you are being starved – it tends to store more fats to keep you alive for long.

The metabolism is reduced incredibly and you body does not burn more calories. Hence you will be losing the weight through fasting for weight loss method in the beginning, but as soon as your body understands the mechanism it stops reacting to it and you do not reduce any weight further.

Also, if you chose long term fasting – your body will also suffer from many side effects like fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy, low efficiency, and others.

It is not recommended to go fasting for weight loss on long term basis, but choose to fast once or twice a week, which can be really helpful. When you fast once or twice a week then the body starts to use more energy.

The process is so short that the body is not able to understand what’s happening. You will able to us more energy in these two days and hence slowly and gradually you will see great reduction in your weight and fat level.

So whenever you are thinking of choosing fasting for weight loss, you must never fast for more than 2 days in continuum.

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