Raw Food Diet Weight Loss – How to Get Skinny Fast With the Fruit and Vegetable Diet

If you want to lose weight fast you need to check out the fruit and vegetable diet.

You can lose pounds slow –  but I don’t know too many of us that get really excited about it taking forever to lose weight!

Usually by the time we decide to begin our diet we don’t want to waste any time getting those darn extra pounds off our bodies so we can fit back into our jeans comfortably.

Or maybe you are getting ready to put on your swim suit  or some shorts for your upcoming vacation and you realize you really want to drop those 10 – 20 extra pounds that snuck up on you.

I have been fat and I have been thin and I have been on pretty much every diet you have ever heard of. Is that your story too? If so, I can relate to your situation.

Several years ago I found the healthiest way to lose weight and lose it FAST. 

This particular method does not require any pills or potions. You don’t have to work out 10 hours a day or anything like that.

Nope, the surefire easy and healthy way to lose the weight fast is – drumroll – to eat fruits and veggies only for 14 – 21 days.  You can eat (almost) any fruits and (almost ) any veggies but you have to eat them raw.

You might be thinking that there is no way you could do it. You might even think you would run out of foods you would like to eat and that you would get bored with it or that you would not get full.

Well, you are wrong.

I lost over 20 pounds in three weeks when I did this. I have kept the weight off and even lost more since then.

I am healthier than I have even been in my life. And my jeans and my swimsuit both look good on my slimmer body.

Give it a try. You can’t hurt yourself by eating more fruits and vegetables. And don’t you want to be slimmer only 21 days from now?

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