How To Choose Effective Individualized Diet Plans

According to Worldometers, an initiative of Real Time Statistics which aims to make statistics available to audience across the globe, the money spent on weight loss programs in the US itself amounts to over $ 2,751,000. Additionally, this number is increasing every millisecond! The reason for this staggering statistics probably is the general tendency of embarking in weight loss programs without prior thought to individual health needs. To slim down, at the same time, maintain your health, trust individualized diet plans.

Features of Good Individualized Diet Plans

Did you think that diet plans were only meant for those with diabetes or heart problems? You could not have been further away from the truth! To prevent all kinds of diseases, to remain fit and healthy, the practice of following a diet chart strictly can prove fruitful. Good and effective diet plans will include these two important criteria:

Variety of food: The term ‘healthy diet’ refers to balanced, wholesome diet complete with the following:

1. Grains – Your body requires three ounces of cereals, cracker, rice and whole grain bread everyday. It is recommended that at least half your grains should be ‘whole’, meaning, it should contain the grain kernel’s bran, germ and the endosperm.

2. Vegetables -You must vary your vegetables to include both, the dark green and the orange variety. Eat beans and peas regularly.

3. Fruits – Regular intake of fruits, be it fresh, frozen or canned, is a must. Most diet plans suggest opting for fruits rather than fruit juices.

4. Oils – Did you think that oil and oily food items can prove debilitating to the body? Limiting solid fats such as, butter, lard and margarine is recommended; however, fish, nuts as well as vegetable oils are essential for the body.

5. Milk – Low-fat or even fat-free milk proves a rich source of calcium.

6. Meat and beans – Fish, beans, nuts and seeds will provide you the necessary protein.

Regular exercises: Individualized diet plans chalked out by experts will include a regular exercise schedule according to your body requirements. For some people 45 minutes of walk early morning can prove greatly beneficial, while others might require flexibility, aerobic, anaerobic exercises or strength training. Yoga and breathing exercises prove to be a healthy and quick way of losing weight, in addition to improving a general sense of wellbeing.

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