Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast

You want to lose weight fast? It can be not, its not a myth! I guess its all relative on what fast means to you. You shouldnt be losing more than 2-3 lbs a week, otherwise you risk health complications and muscle loss. Ive included some key points you need to take into consideration when losing weight fast.

Your Diet Plan:
Plan, plan, plan. If youre not planning your diet in advance the chances of slipping off the wagon and landing in the drive-thru line up at a fast food chain, greatly increase!

1.Begin by writing down how much you want to lose and by when
2.Keep a journal of what youre eating/drinking on a daily basis
3.Learn which foods are best to stay away from (read labels)
4.Always plan at least a week in advance

If you want to lose weight fast, it cannot be achieved successfully without incorporating a fitness plan into your goals. Long gone are the days of having to train your body for hours to get results. You can weight train for as little as 20 30 mins 3-4 times a week to achieve the body you desire. You also dont have to buy a gym membership if youre motivated to train in your home.

Setting Realistic Goals:
Dont set goals that are unrealistic. Ideally wed all like to wake up the next day and find our dream body.unfortunately it wont happen like that! If you dont have a specific goal in mind, create one. Plan a beach holiday or find an outfit you normally wouldnt wear and make a deal to treat yourself to it when you get the results you want.

Eating Smaller Meals:
We often hear that the traditional 3 square meals a day is a thing of the past. It wont bring you comfort if you feel full at the end of each meal. The trick is to eat 4-6 smaller, light meals and to focus on chewing each bite slowly. If you feel satiated, stop eating. Wait for 20 minutes before having more food,, if you still feel hungry and try drinking a glass or two of water. Chances are within 20 minutes you wont feel the need for more food.

Whole Foods:
Fruits and Vegetables are a crucial part of everyones diet and healthy lifestyle plans. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh produce that you can snack on or add to your daily meals.

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