How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast – Lose Excess Fat From Face, Thighs & Belly

If you are an obese individual & you want to lose your body fat pretty quickly, you might have tried some of the unpopular crash diets which can only help you lose weight for a short period but in turn comes back to you by helping you gain weight that you have lost. You can surely lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks in a healthy way so that it helps you to make good lifestyle changes & you do not have to worry about gaining the weight that you have lost by following the right methods.

Problems with Crash Diets:

If you have experienced or used certain crash diet systems, you might understand the problems associated with it. Lot of overweight individuals start eating normally by going for high calorie foods thinking that they have lost weight & they will not gain weight but the truth is that all your weight comes back & added to that you will still add more weight along with the existing excess fat. Even you lose weight; this cannot be an ideal solution for obese individuals.
The best alternative is to change your eating habits so that you will not only lose 10 pounds in two weeks but you can keep off your obesity for the rest of your life with out any problems. Added to proper diet plans, you need to make exercise as the important part of your weight loss plan.

Best Thing to do:
The important factor that determines your long term weight loss is your proper diet. For this, we need to cut down the poor choices of your food by managing to consume only 1500 Calories per day so that you lose weight permanently. This is the maximum calorie intake & this should comprise of only lean meat choices & high protein low carb foods like the Salmon fish & nuts. Protein is the vital ingredient of your weight loss process & you needed to ensure you consume more proteins without adding excess fat to your diet plan.

Cutting down considerable amount of beverages & make a habit of drinking about 8 glasses of water every day is an important part of your weight loss program. This would help you to flush out some of the harmful toxins in our body & you lose weight pretty quickly. Finally if you are accustomed to drinking caffeine in your regular routine, ensure that you do not use sugar along with it so that you can lose 10 pounds in two weeks with out any problems.

Adequate Exercise:

Exercise is the very important part of your weight loss process to lose weight quickly & in a healthy way. 45 Minutes of exercise has to be a part of this weight loss process. Brisk walking & jogging about 45 minutes along with some high quality aerobic exercises should help you in boosting your body’s metabolism so that you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks without much of difficulty. Assuming that you are pretty busy individual & still you want to denote some amount of time for exercise, you can still break it up into 15-30 minute intervals. You can also have brisk walk during lunch hour or during early morning to ensure that you shed more pounds.

It is clear that you can easily lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks that is not only healthy but a permanent one spanning through your life time and helping you stay slim & fit for ever.

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