How to Lose Weight – Shed Off Those Pounds in a Week!

Many believe that losing weight is a process that takes time. This is true. However, there would come a time when losing weight fast would really be necessary. For example, you need to lose pounds to be able to fit into your prom dress, or you have to lose some weight prior to an operation, or if you are a professional boxer, you would have to be of a certain weight to be able to compete. These are just some of the instances when losing weight fast is a must. Fortunately, it is possible.

It will take discipline and some sacrifice on your part though but with the benefits you will get, it probably would not be much of a problem for you.

There are several diet programs that you can use to lose weight fast, some of which have been around for years already. Majority of these diets are not for long-term weight loss because the food choices would result in a decline in your essential nutrient intake, so it would be unhealthy for you to do it regularly.

A popular example is the Cabbage Soup Diet. The main concept of this diet is that the amount of calories your system would burn in order to digest the cabbage is more than the amount of calories you would actually get from the cabbage. What you would do is eat as much as you want cabbage soup daily, with the addition of a one-week diet program to augment the cabbage soup.

For day one, you could eat all the fruit your heart desires except bananas. Strictly no caffeine and carbonated sodas allowed.

For day two, you could eat any vegetable you like but it is recommended for you to avoid eating peas, corn and beans. No fat, oil, butter, dips and sauces.

Day three allows you to eat any fruit and vegetable you have eaten previously during days one and two but baked potatoes are not allowed.

For day four, you would be allowed to drink skimmed milk and eat bananas.

Day five is the start of meat for you. During this day, you could eat up to 20 ounces of fish, beef, or white meat.

Day six means unlimited beef and lots of leafy vegetables.

And lastly, for day seven, you would be allowed to eat brown rice, unsweetened beverages and all the vegetables you want.

Do not forget, during the whole week, you could eat as much cabbage soup as you like. Remember though that this is NOT intended for a long-term use.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is just one of the many diets available for losing weight fast. Others include an all-liquid diet for a week; some diets would allow only fruits, vegetables, and unsalted peanuts for a week, some allow only fish and veggies for a week. It’s up to you to choose which diet best suits your preferences.

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