Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vi

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Lose Weight Fast – Here’s How

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Lose Weight Fast - Here's How by Ed Yourdon According to the weather experts Summer WILL arrive, and apparently very soon. And so with Summer nearly upon us, our incentive to lose weight fast is dramatically increased. We all want to look good in our bikinis and bathing suits, not to mention those squimpy Summer tops and short skirts. So how can we lose those extra pounds? With so many weight loss programs out there it can be confusing, I know I was, which is why I started to look in depth into quite a few weight loss programs. What makes losing weight that little bit more difficult is that we are all different, so what works for one, doesn’t always work for somebody else. Ah, how easy life would be if there was a simple to follow ‘magic bullet’ that gave us a fail-safe easy way to lose those extra... Read More

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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How To Lose Weight Without Dieting by Ed Yourdon Lack of exercises, over-consumption of junk-food, unhealthy lifestyle have all contributed to the layers of fat on our body. The slimmer and leaner bodies have become a thing of past. Most people are coping with the problem of obesity these days. Remembering the following simple guidelines and putting them into practice can lead to weight loss without the aid of any special diet plans, books, or medications. 1. If you cannot invest time for a leisurely morning walk or an evening stroll, take quick walks wherever possible. Park your car a few blocks away from the destination and then take a walk towards your destination. Even during lunch time, try to walk a few paces in your office. 2. if you like hamburgers, French fries, whipped cream, candy and similar things you will... Read More

To Lose Weight You Need a Plan

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To Lose Weight You Need a Plan by Ed Yourdon To lose weight for good you need a plan. Studies have shown that dieters who follow a plan are more successful than those who don’t. The secret is that you have to be able to stay with it. If you try a diet like the cabbage soup diet or the lemonade diet, you may lose weight, but I can guarantee you will reach a point when you are no longer able to follow it and you will gain the weight you lost back. What plan to pick? Start by evaluating what your favorite types of food, if you need help figuring it out, try keeping a diary for a few weeks. This will really help because you will also figure out your trigger points and the really fattening foods that are your weaknesses. This will put you ahead of the game. For example, maybe you have figured out that you like to eat... Read More

How to Lose Weight Fast in 7 Days

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Seven days is a short time but you would be surprised how you can lose weight fast in this small amount of time given. For the severely overweight and obese, one can lose upwards of 5 pounds in just one full week of dedicated and intense dieting and exercising. Even on the lower end of fat loss, you can lose about a pound of pure fat in one week. This is possible if you use the right weight loss methods. To accomplish this, you have to focus on training and eating properly to elicit the right fat loss results. The first step you have to give attention to is proper eating and dieting. If you want to understand how to lose weight fast in seven days, then take note of a calorie deficit nutrition plan. The calorie deficit diet will create a negative energy balance. In other words, you have to... Read More

Jogging couple

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Jogging couple Jogging couple Image by Ed Yourdon Note: this photo was published in a Jun 26, 2009 blog titled "The Art of Unselfconscious Exercise." It was also published in a Jul 15, 2009 blog titled "Behavior Change and Brain Disease: Lessons from History." And it was published in an Aug 4, 2009 blog titled "Sencillos cambios para aplicar cuando corres." It was also published in an Aug 21, 2009 blog titled "Diferentes formas de comprobar los efectos del ejercicio." And it was published in Sep 1, 2009 blog titled " Take a Jog: The Best Kept Running Routes in San Diego." It was also published in a Sep 9, 2009 Spa Magazine blog titled "comotivate to reach personal goals." It was also published in an undated (Dec 2009) Jog4Life blog titled... Read More

NEW Cooking Healthy: Grain Free for Diabetics, Gluten Intolerance and Paleo Diet

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Dinner: July 5

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Dinner: July 5 Dinner: July 5 Image by evansent Ok, I might have just fallen into a famous meatball recipe. My roommate Tyson, a former chef, suggested I patent this ASAP before Trader Joe’s gets the idea. This entire dish is inspired by a conversation I had with Nissa, a customer at Slow Club this afternoon who was celebrating her birthday. She and her fellow diner talked to me for a bit about their gluten free diets, and I decided to try it out in my dinner tonight. So, this entire dinner is gluten free. I used the leftovers from the Tuscan Turkey Burgers last night, with some additions… TurMochi Meatballs with Pasta! 1 more egg 1 bag Kettle Potato Chips, lightly salted Secret Ingredient: Mochi Flour I heated up a sauce pan with some hot olive oil and seared the little meatballs. Took... Read More