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I am fat and need to lose weight #healthy #strong #mealprep #transform #life #motivation #transformations #diet #bodypositive #traintoshred #delicious #lowercalorie #motivated #foodlover

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I am fat and need to lose weight #healthy #strong #mealprep #transform #life #motivation #transformations #diet #bodypositive #traintoshred #delicious #lowercalorie #motivated #foodlover I am fat and need to lose weight #healthy #strong #mealprep #transform #life #motivation #transformations #diet #bodypositive #traintoshred #delicious #lowercalorie #motivated #foodlover Image by CanariasAgusto via Instagram... Read More

Weight Loss Plans – Important Facts You Need To Know About Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Plans - Important Facts You Need To Know About Weight Loss by Ed Yourdon If you are about to embark upon the journey of losing weight in the long-term, you will most likely need to create a weight loss plan. After all, just as if you were embarking on a solo journey across the globe, you will probably need to make a travel itinerary or plan so why would you not do this in order to create the best weight loss plan out there for yourself? Although many people would rather just jump into the whole exercising and dieting regime, it is best to create a weight loss plan to know how you are going to lose weight and to set some realistic goals about losing weight. There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but it is not easy. We can all achieve our desired weight loss results, but many people are unable to keep off the weight while still enjoying the... Read More

Counting Calories, Diet Plans and Losing Weight – What You Need to Know

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When you look at all the information available about dieting, it is easy to become confused. Some so called experts will have us spend all day adding up grams of fat and counting calories. Diet plans that focus on number crunching to help with weight loss are ten a penny, but do you really need to be spending all your time with a calculator at the ready? The Truth About Counting Calories Diet plans requiring you to constantly count the calories of the food you eat can be a lot of work and high maintenance. Whilst there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on your calorie and fat intake, as long as you are sensible with your diet it should be safe to leave the calculator at home. When talking about being sensible I mean not eating high fat processed meat like bacon or bologna, not snacking... Read More

Need to Lose Weight Fast? Grazing Revealed

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Need to Lose Weight Fast? Grazing Revealed by Ed Yourdon Grazing. That’s the secret. And to lose weight fast you will need to use it. This may shock you, but Dieting is the opposite of what you should do. Dieting is built on the concept of cutting calories. Simply limiting the amount of food you eat. The food that gets eliminated tends to be dietary fat. At least, that was the case with more traditional diets. However, newer diets tend to focus on eliminating carbohydrates. It really makes no difference whether or not you eliminate fat or carbs from you diet… the result is a reduction in calories. Once again, simply eating less. If it were true. I simply eating less food would make you lose weight, then why do many overweight people eat almost nothing… and keep gaining weight? And why do so many people who diet... Read More

To Lose Weight You Need a Plan

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To Lose Weight You Need a Plan by Ed Yourdon To lose weight for good you need a plan. Studies have shown that dieters who follow a plan are more successful than those who don’t. The secret is that you have to be able to stay with it. If you try a diet like the cabbage soup diet or the lemonade diet, you may lose weight, but I can guarantee you will reach a point when you are no longer able to follow it and you will gain the weight you lost back. What plan to pick? Start by evaluating what your favorite types of food, if you need help figuring it out, try keeping a diary for a few weeks. This will really help because you will also figure out your trigger points and the really fattening foods that are your weaknesses. This will put you ahead of the game. For example, maybe you have figured out that you like to eat... Read More

How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks Flat – You Don’t Need Anything But This

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“How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks?”is the question many people ask themselves when trying to shed some extra pounds. I struggled to lose weight for years before I finally discovered a faster and easier way to reach my goals. I’m about to reveal a few tips that helped me with my weight loss mission. These things will turbo charge your metabolism if you do them everyday. How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. #1. Take a few drops of apple cider vinegar With or before each meal, mix two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with 12 ounces of water. Drinking a glass of water will also help by causing you to feel fuller faster when you eat. Apple cider vinegar keeps the digestive system clean and helps releases fat cells from the body to encourage weight loss. Many dieters... Read More

The Need for a Diabetic Diet Plan

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The Need for a Diabetic Diet Plan by modernowl A diabetes menu planner is very important for people with Type 2 diabetes. That is because Mediterranean Food Pyramid  the foods they eat to be as healthy as possible. The food you eat has a direct impact on your blood glucose, body fat, and overall health. That is why it is so important for diabetics to create a realistic diabetes diet plan. Insulin-resistant people have special Diabetes Diet and Food. As a Type 2 diabetic, you need to be careful about the excess fat on your body. But, more importantly you need to be careful about the amount of sugar (from sugar added in processed foods, and from starches like white rice or white potato or white bread) that you eat with each meal. For example, simple starches like white rice may spike blood sugar levels very high, very... Read More